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Tenby AFC Community Soccer Schools Play It Fairtrade



Tenby AFC Community Soccer School have been supporting Fairtrade by using Fairtrade stitched footballs at their recent events.

Four Fairtrade footballs were donated by the Fair Trade In Football Campaign founder, Sharron Hardwick, funded by a Hub Cymru Africa Grant, which will be used in training and matches.

Organiser of the popular community soccer school sessions, Angie Nicholls, is keen to use Fairtrade footballs, and the Fair Trade In Football campaign hope to support Tenby AFC further in their community events.

“There was a great atmosphere at this week’s soccer school. Well organised and fun events like this are great for our local community. By supporting Fairtrade and using Fairtrade footballs these events are also helping football stitchers get a fairer deal. ” said Sharron Hardwick.

Fairtrade footballs are stitched in Sialkot, Pakistan. Workers are guaranteed a fair wage and safe working conditions, with no forced or child labour and with worker’s rights.

Fairtrade premiums generated from the sale of each Fairtrade ball have already been used to build a water filtration system for the local community; to provide free school equipment, eye care and bus travel for workers. The more Fairtrade balls that are bought the more the community and workers benefit.

Fairtrade has paved the way for sustainable trading by providing a safety net for the world’s poorest workers and farmers against volatile market prices, and the Fairtrade Premium to invest in vital community, business and environmental projects.

“The power to make a positive difference by choosing Fairtrade is in our hands. Our choices can change lives for the better.” concludes Sharron.

To use Fairtrade footballs at home, in your school or club, and to find out more email or visit

You can buy Fairtrade sports balls and equipment from:

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