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Run Your Own Fair Trade Cup Fairtrade Football Tournament And Producer Profile Competition

Right Click Images To Save
Match Your Team to A Fairtrade Producer Country - DRAW

Edit, print out and cut out these images to create you own Fair Trade Cup DRAW.


1. Write or print your school or team name onto the blank Bala Ball picture and use the 12 named Fairtrade Producer countries on the Bala Ball images below.


2. Put your cut out balls into 2 pots - 1. school/team - 2. Fairtrade Producer Country.


3. Draw one ball from pot 1 revealing a team or school then draw 1 ball from pot 2 revealing which Fairtrade Producer Country that team or school will be.


4. Repeat the above until; all teams or schools involved have a country allocated to them.


5. Teams and Schools can then do a study of their Fairtrade Producer Country, make flags, banners and even design their own kits. Why not buy some Fairtrade Tshirts and design a team logo?


6. Encourage teams by running a Producer Profile Competition - giving out prizes for the best attempt - entrants can find out and make displays, films, chants and songs about their Fairtrade Producer Country and more.


Right Click To Save, Then Print Out These Certificates To Hand Out On The Day...
Winners Certificate x2 A5
Winners Certificate A4
Runner Up Certificate x 2 A5
3rd Place Certificate x2 A5
4th Place Certificate x2 A5
All Participants Certificate x 2 A5
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