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Ceri Evans Fair Trade Cup

By Sharron Hardwick

Tavernspite County Primary School hosted the sixth Fairtrade football tournament, the Ceri Evans Fair Trade Cup recently.

Twelve local primary school teams represented Fairtrade Producer Countries playing with Fairtrade stitched footballs.


The tournament was also a ten year celebration in memory of the late Ceri Evans who attended the Fair Trade Football Campaign’s first Fairtrade football activity at Haverfordwest County in 2009.


Funded by Wales Council For Voluntary Action (WCVA) Grant programme, the Fairtrade tournament was organised by Tavernspite teachers Julie Houghton and Richard Henton with Fair Trade In Football Campaign Founder Sharron Hardwick. The Evans Family sponsored the medals and awards trophies.


Hub Cymru Africa volunteers Joanne and Kyle, Photography graduate, attended to make a Fairtrade football film.


Schools played with Fairtrade spirit creating a lovely atmosphere. Hafan Y Mor (Mexico) and Narberth (Tunisia) decorated kits, as did Mary Immaculate (Uruguay) who also made Fairtrade fact sheets. St Teilos, (Brazil), made a Fairtrade display and t-shirt logos. Golden Grove (Egypt) made flags and wore Mo Salah wigs!


Runners Up Stepaside (Morocco) made a colourful Morocco sign. Tenby VC (Colombia) made team flags with cup winners Johnstown (Costa Rica) carrying a team banner. Pembroke Dock (Argentina) made a super Fairtrade display board. Tavernspite (Panama) made lots of Fairtrade factsheets, as hosts they used enterprising skills to sell homemade gifts and Fairtrade rice in Fairtrade information bags. St Oswalds (Senegal) designed team tops and made outstanding Fairtrade posters. 3rd place St Marks (Peru) had the genius idea to design their fantastic poster in the shape of a giant Bala Sport Fairtrade Football!


Dyffryn Taf pupils did a great job officiating games, Philip Evans refereed the final, and Naomi Rees was invaluable helping with registration and scoring.

Teams played entertaining football. Both semi-finals went to extra time. St Marks beat Tenby VC in the 3rd place playoffs. Despite some cracking saves for Golden Glove winning Stepaside Keeper, Johnstown (Costa Rica) took the Ceri Evans Fair Trade Cup with a 3-0 victory.


Ceri’s Mum presented the Ceri Evans Fairtrade Cup to Johnstown. Medals were presented to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams. Every participant received a certificate and Fairtrade Maltesers.


Phillip awarded Male Player of the Tournament to Johnstown’s Number 10, Sharron presented Female Player of the Tournament to a talented goal scoring Tavernspite pupil.


St Teilos won the Fair Play Award for their pupil’s exemplary behaviour, especially when a decision went against them, and their teachers were extra helpful too.


Thanks go out to all involved, especially Tavernspite School and teachers Mr Henton and Mrs Houghton for being amazing

hosting and co-organising:


"Thanks to everyone for making the Ceri Evans Fair Trade Cup such fun. It was special to see the teams in their colourful customised kits, with flags and posters playing exciting Fairtrade football. The exemplary behaviour of all participants is a credit to schools. This is more than just a tournament, it's about fairness, bringing schools together and supporting Sialkot football workers. We have the power to make a difference." said Sharron.


Fairtrade guarantees a fair deal. Bala Sport Fairtrade football premiums have already funded a community water filtration system, free eye care and work transport, a fair price shop, school equipment and more.


Fairtrade sports balls:


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