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Ceri Evans Fair Trade Cup Draw

Twelve local schools are making preparations for this year’s Fair Trade In Football Campaign Fairtrade Football tournament following the draw which took place at Mary Immaculate school this week.

This is the sixth Fairtrade football tournament organised by the Fair Trade In Football Campaign and Tavernspite CP, set to take place at Tavernspite School in June. But this year they are doing something a bit different.

10 years ago in March Sharron Hardwick with Ceri and Phillip Evans and Tearfund representatives Francis and Ann Maull took part in the first Fair Trade In Football Campaign Fairtrade promotional activities. Sadly in 2017 Ceri Evans lost his life, and so this year the campaign is celebrating 10 years and paying tribute to Ceri in a special way by running the Ceri Evans Fair Trade Cup.

Schools will be representing and are invited to make a study of Fairtrade producer countries.


The draw results for the Ceri Evans Fair Trade Cup are:
Argentina = Pembroke Dock Community School, Brazil = St Teilos, Colombia = Tenby VC, Costa Rica = Johnstown, Egypt = Golden Grove, Mexico = Hafan Y Mor, Morocco = Stepaside, Panama = Tavernspite, Peru = St Marks, Senegal = St Oswalds, Tunisia = Narberth, Uruguay = Mary Immaculate.

A volunteer from Hub Cymru Africa plans to attend the event to take photographs and make a video, so it is hoped that the tradition of schools dressing up in country colours with Fairtrade flags, banners and kits will continue.


“This year is a special one marking 10 years and celebrating our dear Ceri. His brother Phillip always referees the final. Seeing the teams arriving with their flags, banners, Fairtrade and custom designed kits is brilliant. It’s great to see schools playing Fairtrade football together and showing excellent support of Fairtrade.” shared Fair Trade In Football Campaign Founder, Sharron Hardwick.


The Ceri Evans Cup Trophy and medals have been donated by the Evans family and the event is supported by the Wales Council for Voluntary Action grant funding. Activities will include a Fairtrade football tournament, Fairtrade refreshments and chance to play with the giant Fairtrade football and Football shy. Entries for the Fairtrade Producer Profile Competition will be displayed at the event.

It is hoped that Ceri Phillips and representatives from Swansea City FC Community Trust will attend the tournament. he tournament.


Tavernspite Teacher Richard Henton will be inviting pupils from Dyffryn Taff and Phillip Evans FAW Level 1 Football leader to referee the games. Julie Houghton, Tavernspite teacher and Naomi Rees, Swansea University Law student, have the task of tallying the final scores.


Fairtrade means workers get a better deal, with fair and safe working conditions with no forced or child labour.


The Fairtrade premiums paid to football stitchers have so far paid for a Fair Price shop, free transport to work, school equipment and eye care, providing a water filtrations system for the whole community, and more.


To get your involved in playing Fairtrade football, to run your own Fair Trade Cup/Fairtrade Football Tournament contact Sharron Hardwick via the campaign website, where downloadable resources are also

Buy Fairtrade sports balls from

Ceri Evans FT Cup Draw Results Page
Ceri Evans FT Cup Draw Results Page
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