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Fairtrade Treasure Hunt Game

Treasure Hunt Poster

Use these images to create your own Fairtrade Treasure hunt game in school, at a village fete, in your club or even at home.

Things To Do:


  • Click and download the images to your device.

  • Print off the poster, treasure hunt cards and enough answer sheets for participants.

  • Cut in half the treasure hunt cards  (there are 5 in total)  and then laminate them to make them weather proof.

  • Make sure you have pens or pencils for participants to fill in the answer sheets.

  • Get some tape, ties or string and scisors to attatch the treasure hunt cards.

  • Buy a prize/prizes for the participants - or have a draw from all entrants completed answer sheets to chose a prize winner. 

  • Bring a tub to put completed answer sheets or make a prize draw box.

  • Prize suggeston: any Fairtrade items, or a Fairtrade Foolball

Setting Up:

  • Take all of the above items to the event venue.

  • Hide and secure the treasure hunt cards around the venue, follow risk assessment procedures.

  • Set up an area where participants collect and return thier answer sheets.

  • Put up the poster(s)

  • Once people arrive explain the task, to find the 5 Fairtrade Picture Tresure Hunt Cards, write on the answer sheet where they found each card and also write the word at the bottom of each card on their answer sheet. (They should then make the 5 words into this sentence: "Change the world with Fairtrade")

  • Hand out the answer sheet and pen/pencil.

  • Collect in the answer sheets and put all correct entries into the prize draw box, if you are doing a prize draw.

  • Do the prize draw at the end of the event and hand out the prize to the winner.

Treasure Hunt Cards

Treasure Hunt Answer sheets (3)

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