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Love Your Neighbour With Fairtrade Football


Founders of Love Your Neighbour, Alex Lox Busisa and Ruth Busisa, have partnered with the Fair Trade In Football Campaign to help impact lives of disadvantaged people in Kenya, whilst supporting Pembrokeshire communities, and football workers in Sialkot.


Thanks to a Hub Cymru Africa grant the Fair Trade In Football Campaign are looking to further their support of local communities by training to become football coaches, taking the FAW Football Leaders Award. Founder, Sharron Sharron Stokieshazer Hardwick


, who will be taking FAW training in March, recognising Lox’s work with young people in Kenyan slums through football, invited him to take the FAW coaching award via her campaign. k completed the FAW course last Sunday in Llanelli, he took along a Fairtrade football.Lox


Love your Neighbour is a Community Based Organisation, working in Kenya They opened a Pre-School and sponsorship programme in Kibera Slum, help homeless women to leave the streets, gaining a new life for themselves, teaching unemployed women how to bake and run a small business providing income for their families.


They hope to buy land in Kilifi County to increase support:

“Our goal is to buy a 2.7-acre piece of land, move there and begin projects which will empower the surrounding community. The first of two projects is an empowerment centre for women where they will learn about business and develop practical skills to help provide for themselves and their families. ” Shared Ruth.


The second part of the new project is the Sports & Mentorship Programme for young men and teenagers. The FAW qualification will be invaluable to this work.


“It was a great honour and privilege to be part of the FAW coach training; I’m looking forward to hosting small coaching and training, not only for players but for coaches who couldn't afford the training.”




Lox will be returning to Kenya with a bag of Fairtrade footballs donated by Bala Sport and Hub Cymru Africa.

“I will be using Bala Fairtrade balls to do a small tournament and workshop for coaches. Fairtrade is important as it helps workers get a fair deal and build a better future too.” Shared Lox.






Lox grew up in great poverty in Nairobi Slum; he shared how he knows what it is like to feel hopeless. His faith gives him hope and strength through difficult times; he wants to share this hope with others. Ruth, originally from Maenclochog, moved to Kenya to do missionary work with International Christian Youthworks (ICY) in 2010 where she met Lox who was volunteering for ICY in Nairobi Slum. The couple were married four years ago.


During their time in Pembrokeshire they are visiting local churches and youth groups sharing their story.

If you would like to find out more visit 


Read More About Lox Below.......

Alex Lox Busisa lived in Kibera Slums, Nairobi, Kenya. His parents were married to other people; eventually Lox was left with his grandmother. They had one room, shared one blanket.  He grew up feeling bitter, wanted to go to school, to spell and write his own name....he often wondered why?! 


They had no tv or radio, he wished for things. It was hard to be grateful. He knew people who were worse off, but in his situation it was hard to know the love of God, the Father who provided. 


In Numbers 11 people left Egypt as slaves. Later they cried out...whining and complaining after been fed daily manna.

Our nature is to want something better. 


God says to trust in his provision for the day.


In Kenya Lox had no food storage. In the slum food kept for one day, otherwise it would get eaten by mice, or stolen!

The Israelites reminisced about the food they had in Egypt, forgetting they were slaves.

God was faithful in both situations. 


When people start complaining, they have lost trust.


Lox reminds us: There will always be something tough in our lives. We might dwell on difficulties, and not look at the big picture. If you hold a coin up to your eye it looks's out of context.  God blesses us so much, sometimes we're tempted not to give thanks in all circumstances. 


We complain, we are not trusting God. If we are not in good situation, we can still give thanks.

We need to learn to be thankful, there is always someone worse off. 


Lox learned a lot from growing up in the slum; how not to have food, or school, only one blanket, suffering cholera.

He remains thankful as he has always had a purpose. 


We all go through situations, God wants us to trust him day by day.


There is no guarantee that we will have the best life on this planet.


Is there a situation that is too much?....God is telling us to say thank you in all circumstances.

We can do all things through Christ who gives us strength.


3 weeks after becoming Christian, Lox lost his grandfather, later his mother, sister, sister's baby and uncle.

 God wanted Lox to carry on worshiping him, to have faith, trust, rely, and believe.


So whether we gain or loose, have little or plenty, if we say "blessed be the name of the Lord" and trust God to direct and provide, His love can strengthen us day by day.


The Word shared by Alex Lox Busisa by Sharron Hardwick.

New Life Church Pembrokeshire, meeting Sundays, Llanteg Village Hall ‪at 10.45am‬.  


Contact: ‪07976 675732, 07824‬ 900992, ‪01646 651332‬ or find on Facebook





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