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Tavernspite CP And The Power To Make A Difference


Tavernspite County Primary School class 4 pupils have been learning about the power to make a difference by choosing Fairtrade products.


Class teacher Mrs Julie Houghton invited Sharron Hardwick to lead a Fairtrade Christmas workshop about the effects of unfair trade, and the difference that Fairtrade makes to farmers and producers.


Pupils were particularly impressed with the fact that buying Fairtrade certified items means extra money, the Fairtrade premium, is paid to workers. Fairtrade premiums can be used for whatever a community needs, like building schools, hospitals, clean water systems. It is up to those communities to decide how they use them.


Fairtrade also ensures fair and safe working conditions, without the use of forced or child labour which prevents children from attending school.


Mrs Houghton highlighted that Fairtrade certified goods are produced using the best methods for the environment, which means reduced pollution levels, helping people, plants and animals too.


Sharron explained that pupils literally have power in their hands to make a difference by the choices they make, and by sharing the Fairtrade message.


“We are saving lives if we buy Fairtrade!” shared Aiden, class 4.


Using a recycled cardboard template the class decorated a Fairtrade Christmas tree, making colourful baubles bearing messages about Fairtrade. This tree was taken into the school achievement assembly, where the class shared the Fairtrade Christmas message.


Tavernspite School, active supporters of Fairtrade, are currently renewing their status as a FairAchiever school. The FairAchiever status is the final step in the Fairtrade Foundation’s Fairtrade Schools Awards, for schools who have fully embedded Fairtrade into their daily life and work to raise awareness of Fairtrade in their local community.


“I am always amazed by the hard work and enthusiasm to support Fairtrade at Tavernspite school. And it’s not everyday that you walk into a room and everyone cheers “Woohoo Fairtrade!” Such a lovely class, who were keen to listen and learn.  Their actions will help to make a difference!” shared Sharron.


Look for the Fairtrade Mark on products in shops.


For more information contact the Fair Trade in Football Campaign, supported by Fair Trade Wales and Hub Cymru Africa, via

Sainsbury’s and St Teilos Team Up For Fairtrade


Sainsbury’s Tenby and St Teilos R C Primary School have been joining forces with the Fair Trade in Football Campaign founder, Sharron Hardwick, in the hope of celebrating a Fairtrade Christmas.


St Teilo’s Headteacher, Mrs Angie Nicholls, invited Sharron Hardwick to the school to share about Fairtrade.  Thinking it would be nice to have some Fairtrade items on display Sharron visited Sainsbury’s Tenby, meeting the store assistants and managers, who kindly offered to donate a selection of

Fairtrade items.


“Sainsbury's is the world's largest retailer of Fairtrade products.  We are proud supporters of Fairtrade and have been selling Fairtrade licensed products since 1994. Across Sainsbury's stores Fairtrade sales have increased to £293 million over the past year, which means one in every £6 spend on Fairtrade in the UK being spent in a Sainsbury's store!” shared the Tenby Sainsbury's store manager.


These Fairtrade items were displayed during the morning assembly and will be used by St Teilos to raise awareness and funds.


The children took part in a fun, interactive assembly where they thought about Jesus’ words of how we should “ Love our neighbours” 


Everyone learned that they have the power to changes people’s lives for the better by choosing Fairtrade.  They were keen to go out and look for Fairtrade branded items and all appeared familiar with the Fairtrade Mark.  Pupil’s heard how by choosing Fairtrade they enable people who make and grow our products to get a fair deal, with safe working conditions and transforming their communities with the Fairtrade premiums. Fairtrade premiums are used in communities to build schools, provide clean water and sanitation, offer heath care and much more.


The Christmas message is about love and hope. By buying and supporting Fairtrade as we give gifts to our local neighbours we can support our global neighbours by giving them a fairer deal.


“St Teilos is a lovely school, I received such a warm Christmas welcome, with everyone dressed in their Christmas jumpers; one teacher was even in full elf costume! Their support of Fairtrade is much appreciated and they are helping to make a real difference.” Said Sharron.


To find out more about Fairtrade and the Fair Trade In Football Campaign visit

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