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Stoke City Community Trust Fairtrade Football Tournamet 2016

Almost 200 under 16 boys took part in this year's Fairtrade Football Tournament. The tournament was part of Stoke -On-Trent European City Of Sport activities, organised by Stoke City Community Trust, with Street Games, Engage Communities and the Fair Trade In Football Campaign, with Staffordshire University.


All the teams played some great football with our new, custom designed Fairtrade Stitched footballs, featured in the photographs below.


Aston Villa won the tournament with Lovatt Park coming a close 2nd.


Blackburn Rovers won the Fair Play Award, with Brendan Harrison winning Player Of the Tournament.


We were keen to participate in the Fairtrade Fortnight 2016 activities (a bit early I know!), so Ann Worthington of Fairtrade Action Stoke On Trent supplied Fairtrade breakfast items, Geo Granola bars and orange juice, with Fairtrade tea, coffee and sugar.


Alan Christian, of City Learning Trust organised the use of a smoothie bike, kindly loaned to us by Keel University. Fairtrade dried cherries, coconut milk, coconut, mixed fruit, muesli, jam, marmalade and more, were used for the smoothies. We are very grateful that the Fairtrade  breakfast and smoothie items were funded by Councillor Wazir, arranged by Sarah Minshall of Street Games.


It was a great day offering activities for local and midland youngsters, supporting the local community.  More than this, the use of Fairtrade stitched footballs and breakfast items guarantees those working in the various farming communities, and the Sialkot football stitching community a better deal, with safe working conditions, no forced or child labor and opportunities for improving their local area through the Fairtrade Premiums.


Fairtrade premiums are paid to the local community to be used in whichever area they chose. They may be used to provide education, health care, improve water and sanitation facilities and much more.


A BIG thank you to all who helped to organise the event, and to those who travelled over from the midlands and across Stoke - On -Trent  to take part.


Your support is highly valued and your actions in supporting local community and Fairtrade are transforming lives for the better - making dreams come true!



Fairtrade Tournament Group Photographs

Fairtrade Tournament Group Stages
and Fairtrade Breakfast Photographs