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Hooked On Fairtrade



Pupils of Hook Primary school are getting hooked on Fairtrade after a visit from the Fair Trade In Football Campaign last week.


Naomi Rees and campaign founder Sharron Hardwick, both FAW Level 1 Football leaders, visited Hook school to share about Fairtrade in a whole school assembly and led Fairtrade football workshops.


Kilgetty COOP kindly loaned a basket full of Fairtrade goods for the event, helping pupils to learn about Fairtrade and how their choices have the power to make a difference.


“The young people were keen to learn, many already aware about how Fairtrade gives workers a fairer deal. I think that our visit ignited their support. They have already been thinking of ways to incorporate Fairtrade into their everyday activities during break time and in sport.” shared Sharron and Naomi.


Teachers and pupils were surprised to hear about Fairtrade Premiums, the extra money that is paid to workers for their communities on the sale of every Fairtrade item. These funds are used to supply clean water, build schools and hospitals or whatever the community needs.


Following the assembly year 3 and 4 pupils played some games with a Fairtrade football shy and giant Fairtrade football, whilst Naomi and Sharron led sessions teaching pupils to dribble and turn with Fairtrade footballs.


After the workshop there was a real treat when Scarlet’s Rugby Club staff visited bringing along their recently won Pro 12 Rugby Cup!


Bala Sport have just announced the production of Fairtrade rugby balls, and the Fair Trade In Football Campaign hope to share some information with The Scarlets after meeting their staff during the Hook School visit.


The Fair Trade In Football Campaign is supported by Bala Sport, Fair Trade Wales and Hub Cymru Africa.  


Buy Fairtrade sports balls from

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