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Fair Trade In Football Campaign Aims And Objectives



  • To support the local community in their activities whilst introducing them to and promoting the use of Fairtrade and Fairly Traded products – mainly focusing on Fairtrade sports balls.


  • To support Sialkot and Indian sports ball stitching communities by buying, promoting and using Fairtrade stitched sports balls.


  • To buy, use and promote Fairtrade sports balls and Fairtrade / Fairly Traded products and to encourage others to do the same.


  • To raise the profile of Fairtrade sports balls.




Supporting the local community:


  • Partner with local schools, football clubs and organisations supporting their activities and introducing them to, or helping to promote continued learning and use of, Fairtrade and Fairly Traded products.


  • Visit local schools and sports clubs offering time providing resources and ideas that help them to learn about and use Fairtrade sports ball and Fairtrade / Fairly Traded products.


  • Offer Fairtrade talks, assemblies, workshops, and lessons.


  • Run Fairtrade sports tournaments in partnership with local schools and Clubs and to join with others already running tournaments to provide ideas and resources for them to run their own Fairtrade tournaments.


  • Offer Football Association Of Wales Fairtrade workshops as a Level 1 Football Leader.


  • To make connections with wider communities via social media and local press, raising the profile of Fairtrade and Fairly Traded products.


  • Make connections with amateur and professional sports clubs to encourage them to use Fairtrade sports balls and this in turn helps to raise the profile of Fairtrade.


Support Fairtrade Workers and Their Communities


  • Buy and promote the use of Fairtrade products to encourage sustainable practices, ensure fairness and create positive opportunities for producers, farmers and workers in developing countries by promoting Fairtrade and Fairly Traded products.

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