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Use these logos and images and files 


Create your own Fair Trade World Cup Fairtrade Football Tournament


Create a draw


Certificates and more


 Play with Fairtrade Stitched Footballs


Design your own Fairtrade Kit

BUY Fairtrade top - or upcycle an old T-shirt


Fairtrade Producer Countries who have qualified for the FIFA World Cup 2018s


World Cup Fact Sheets

Use these images to do a draw matching your teams to a Fairtrade Producer Country. (Instructions below)



Teams then play as that country, learn about that country and how Fairtrade impacts them - why not turn this into a Fairtrade Producer Profile Competiton and ask individuals and groups to create informative posters, displays, films and more? Use the FAirtrade Foundation Schools World C


Print out Winners, Runners Up and Participants certificates.

You could even buy Fairtrade T-shirts and design your own kits - invite other teams to take part and make banners, flags and do some cheerleading! 



1. Download the Fairtrade producer country images and cut them out.


2. Download and add your team/school name to the blank balls below. Cut them out.


3. Make two draw boxes (cover them with the Fair Trade World Cup Logo if you like).


4. Place the Fairtrade Producer Countries name in one box and your team/school names in the other box.


5. Download and print off the draw resutls list.


6. Take one Fairtrade ball image from each box, matching the team/school with a Fairtrade Producer Country until all of the schools/teams are matched with a country - write the results on the list.


Depending on your number of teams - form groups for the teams to play in - see FIFA World Cup Group listings above for example - you can form your own groups as required.


7. Encourage your teams schools to play as, learn about, make Fairtrade kits, flags, posters and banners - this could be a competiton too!

Certificates  to print out

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