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Pembrokeshire Carmarthenshire
Fair Trade Cup 2015 Draw

Fair Trade World Cup Winners St Marks, Haverfordwest, hosted the Draw for the Fair Trade Cup 2015. 12 schools from Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire will be competing as Fairtrade producer countries to win this year's Fair Trade In Football Campaign Fairtrade Football Tournament.  Results for the draw are shown in pictures below with a video of the whole draw recorded on the day too. The FAIRTRADE games are on! 

Fairtrade Football Champions St. Marks Host Fair Trade Cup Draw


12 local schools are ready to face each other in the second Pembrokeshire / Carmarthenshire Fairtrade Football tournament. This year’s Fair Trade Cup will take place at Tavernspite CP School on the 26th June. 


The Fair Trade Cup is being organised by Fair Trade In Football Campaign founder Sharron Hardwick, Julie Houghton and Richard Henton of Tavernspite School, with help from Swansea Community Trust’s Ceri Phillips. Organisers hope it will help promote Fair Trade in football, giving schools the opportunity to compete against one another; whilst learning about Fairtrade.


As with last year’s Fair Trade World Cup, schools will be representing 12 of the 32 World Cup Qualifiers who are listed as Fairtrade Producer Countries on the Fairtrade Foundation’s Map.


Players from last year’s winning team, Billy and Lewis, with football coach and deputy head teacher Mr Owen, and Ceri Phillips, assisted Sharron with the draw, selecting the schools, Fairtrade producer countries and groups as shown on the Fairtrade Bala Pro Balls above.:



The schools are keenly preparing, making kits, flags and more. Some are organising in school Fairtrade football tournaments to select their finalists; but it is not just about football. 


Every school has the opportunity to study their Fairtrade Producer Country and enter the Producer Profile Competition.


Further afield, The Fair Trade In Football Campaign continues to work with Stoke City Football Club, with Stoke City Kicks organising their own Fairtrade tournament earlier this year and using Fairtrade footballs in a variety of tournaments. Sharron hopes Swansea Community trust will follow suit and start to use Fairtrade Footballs too:


“It’s amazing the support schools, amateur clubs and Professional, League 2 Port Vale, with Premier League Stoke City, via their Community Trusts, have shown for Fairtrade. I am in talks with Swansea Community Trust thanks to Ceri Phillips, Pembrokeshire Development Coach. Fairtrade is bringing schools, clubs and organisations together through football whilst supporting the Sialkot stitching communities too. Buying Fairtrade stitched footballs ensures stitchers get a fair deal, whilst communities benefit from the Fairtrade premiums which have already been used to build a new water purification system. I am looking forward to the Fair Trade Cup, and hope it’s even better than last year!” Shared Sharron


If you would like to play Fairtrade football why not make the switch?


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