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Organise Your Own Fair Trade Euro Style Fairtrade Football Tournament this summer.



Fair Trade Euro2 016


All matches must be played with Fairtrade Stitched Footballs


Details of Fairtrade Stitched footballs Here


Chose your organisers - select age range - pick a venue and date - invite teams - do a draw - encourage teams to represent thier selected country by designing Fairtrade T-shirts as kits, make flags, bring cheer leaders and banners -

- elect matchday officials - 

Selecting your team:


Hold an Official Draw


In order to make your Fairtrade tournament Euro style, use the images and resources below to do an official draw.

Draw 1 Euro Qualifyer country - draw a team from your entrants.

That team will play as that Euro qualifer country. 


How to prepare and run a Euro Draw


  1. Download the draw balls (below), cut them out, (laminate them if you like).

  2. Make a draw box for each group, or have suitable bowls.

  3. Place the cut out Euro Country balls in their group boxes.

  4. Place the team balls in a separate box.

  5. Select a team then select a Euro qualifying country.

  6. Repeat this process until all your teams have a country to represent.


If you don't have 24 teams don't worry. Select a country or 2 from each group.


Make sure you keep a record of the draw details!


Know a local celebrity? Why not get them involved?


Take photos, make a video, and send them in to

to get them displayed on the website.




Add your team,club or school name on these draw balls and cut them out.

(see example below)

Laminate them if you prefer to.

Make a big day of it and have lots of Fairtrade Football Fun.


Don't forget to send us your pictures!

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