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Beyond The White Line Put Humans First At Kilgetty AFC

(By Sharron Stokieshazer Hardwick )

Kilgetty AFC First Team have recently been sponsored by Beyond The White Line (BTWL).

Established in 2018 by former Kilgetty AFC player James Chiffi, Beyond The White Line is the leading human first organisation dedicated to improving the global landscape of professional sport for athletes and stakeholders. Putting people before profit and performance.

Working mainly with elite athletes James does not forget his roots, his desire is to be involved with sports persons at both elite and amateur levels. He has a special place for Kilgetty AFC, and still has the trophies they won in the 90s when playing with Robbie Boxer Beynon, currently Kilgetty First’s manager, who said:

“Having known James for many years as a friend and fellow player, it's an absolute pleasure to have him onboard. He's a genuinely lovely guy, always trying to help people, so no surprise to see him set up BTWL. He deserves all the success he gets on building his new adventure. Kilgetty AfC are delighted with the quality of the new kit, and hope we can pay him back a little with some silverware! Everybody at the club would like to thank James and his family for his kind gesture of sponsorship and support."

BTWL sponsored kits for top of league Kilgetty Firsts:

“I’m so pleased to be able to support a local community club, especially one I have such a personal connection with. I don’t want to just see change professionally within the elite game; I feel it’s just as important at grassroots level for future generations”. Shared James.

Tackling mental health and players wellbeing BTWL began with research, development and proof of concept by speaking directly to those affected, the athletes and stake holders. They learnt lots, confirming their fears around current and historic challenges. In late 2020 BTWL elevated their outreach and began initial stages of operational roll out with early adopters.

BTWL’s first TV debut was at the Emirates FA cup, featuring Oxford City with BTWL’s name on their shirts. Oxford's then Commercial Director Mick Livesey described BTWL as “a great help and a positive influence, a vital safety net for people.”

BTWL later formed partnerships with Team GB athletes Katarina Johnson – Thompson, Kadeena Cox and their academies, supporting the next generation of athletes. In 2021 BTWL partnered with Swansea City FC and the Football Association Of Wales; they are now in partnership with over 20 clubs across the football league, including the Premier League.

BTWL ensure all athletes and stakeholders have free access to the first and only NHS Approved Wellness App for prevention, early detection and management of common mental health conditions, giving immediate and ongoing support, including in app coaching with live clinically led therapists delivered to over 4,000 people to date.

“Beyond The White Line give people a mental health life line, making support easily accessible whilst helping break stigma barriers that often stop people getting support. It’s fantastic that BTWL put Human’s First, I hope to form a partnership with James and BTWL via the Fair Trade In Football Campaign, putting the football stitchers and workers first too. “ Shared Kilgetty AFC Secretary Sharron Hardwick.

BTWL aim to ensure that every academy player in the country has access to the Wellness App. For information contact:

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