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Kilgetty AFC Start Fairtrade Training


AFC First Team Kilgettyare now training with Bala Team Fairtrade footballs. 


Manager, Rob Beynon, spoke to Fair Trade In Football Campaign Founder, Sharron Hardwick, as he and assistant manager, Christian Phillips, are keen to see their team using Fairtrade footballs in training.


“I heard about the Fair Trade In Football Campaign and wanted to get Tenby AFC first team involved. We’re keen to start using Fairtrade footballs in our training sessions as it means football workers are getting treated fairly” said Rob, Kilgetty AFC Manager.


Sharron Hardwick recently visited the club to kick off their Fairtrade training sessions.


As Kilgetty AFC firsts warm up to the season it is hoped that, with hard work and training, they can do well. They are aiming to top the table. 


“With the new Fairtrade balls for training I hope this makes a positive difference to Kilgetty AFC, as it definitely will for the workers who produce the balls.” Said Sharron.


“Fairness is key in football. Unfair decisions can ruin games, but unfair trade can ruin lives.   When teams like Kilgetty AFC choose Fairtrade they are putting fairness in to football production.”


Fairtrade football stitchers are guaranteed to receive fair wages, with safe working conditions, workers rights and no slave, child or forced labour.


Workers and their families also benefit from Fairtrade Premiums, which currently pay for free eye care and work transport, a fair price shop, school equipment and a water filtration system for the whole community.


If your club or school would like to make the switch to Fairtrade please visit to buy Fairtrade sports balls visit 

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