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Pembrokeshire Host Nations First Fairtrade Rugby Match



Wales’s first-ever Fairtrade Rugby matches took place on Wednesday 18th October at the Pembrokeshire Primary School festival at Neyland RFC.










Organised by Rugby Officer Lloyd Phillips, the festival involved 10 Pembrokeshire schools that enjoyed playing some great tag Fairtrade rugby matches. 


Following talks with Rich Owen, Deputy Head of St Marks and Sharron Hardwick, Fair Trade In Football and Rugby Campaign Founder, Lloyd Phillips agreed to start using the new Bala Sport Fairtrade rugby balls in his WRU school tournaments.




“When I had the phone call from Sharron, we were delighted to help by letting the players use the new Fairtrade rugby balls for the first time.   It’s a brilliant idea and one that I would be willing to get behind again.  We had positive feedback from the schools which was brilliant and the festival was a massive success with 10 primary schools attending. “said Lloyd  


The teams were impressed with the new Bala Sport Fairtrade rugby balls, paid for by a Hub Cymru Africa grant. The specification of the balls were developed with three Scottish rugby clubs, two in the Premier League and one in the First Division. The balls are hand-stitched in India, and all the materials are locally sourced.


Ffion Storer Jones of Fair Trade Wales said; “Fairtrade rugby balls are a great choice for schools and sports clubs. Fairness is central to sports, and using Fairtrade rugby balls is a fantastic way for children to understand the importance of ensuring a fair deal for everyone.”


The Fairtrade certified rugby balls ensure workers are treated fairly; with safe working conditions and no forced or child labour. The extra Fairtrade premiums on each Fairtrade product sold go straight to the local community. Their Fairtrade Premium panel decides where best to spend the funds: be it building schools, improving water and sanitation or investing in their healthcare facilities.


Sharron Hardwick said; “This was a great festival giving local

schools the chance to play tag rugby whilst supporting the Fairtrade rugby workers in India too. I’m very grateful to Lloyd and all involved for their support and look forward to partnering with him in future festivals.”


With Fairtrade, your game can only get better. Why not give the new Fairtrade rugby balls a try?


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To purchase Fairtrade Sports Balls visit:


See all of the photographs below

Team Organisers and Officials by Naomi Rees

Action Shots By Naomi Rees

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