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Fair Trade In Football Campaign

Backed By Stoke City and Port Vale


The Fair Trade In Football Campaign recently joined Stoke City and Port Vale Football Clubs at the Kick’s 5 a side World Cup draw, featured on Sky Sports News.


Fair Trade In Football Campaign Founder, Sharron Hardwick (Kilgetty) met Stoke City's Kicks Participation Manager, Ben Gibson, to discuss how Fairtrade helps improve the lives of football stitchers, their families and communities.


As a result, Ben spoke to Stoke City’s Head of PR, who agreed the Kick’s 5 a side World Cup would be use 100% Fairtrade footballs in the tournament.


The tournament involves 32 Staffordshire Schools, playing in the same format as the actual World Cup.


This involvement with Kick’s has opened doors for the campaign to be publicised online and in the media, including The Sentinel and Sky Sports News.






























Stoke City Player, Geoff Cameron, who will be playing for USA in the Brazil World Cup, and Port Vale Player, Chris Birchall, 2006 Trinidad and Tobago World Cup player, drew the Kick’s World Cup teams, allocating the groups and sponsors. They helped to support Fair Trade in Football by being photographed with Fairtrade Footballs, and both players                    re-tweeted these pictures.





































The campaign was familiar to Geoff Cameron thanks to Pembrokeshire youngsters taking part in last year’s Fair Trade in Football Campaign Design A Logo Competition judged by SCFC’s Brek Shea, USA.


When looking at the Fairtrade footballs and campaign banner Geoff said to Sharron:


“I remember Brek judging the Fair Trade football Logo Competition, it’s great!”


Geoff laughed, strongly agreeing when Sharron mentioned how unfair decisions can ruin games; Sharron shared how unfair trade in football can ruin lives.


Fairtrade footballs were displayed and used throughout the event, and the Fair Trade In Football Campaign logo was feature on the advertising banners. The official Kicks group fixtures feature the Fairtrade Logo alongside the 12 countries qualifying for the World Cup who are also Fairtrade Producers.


































Radio stations have noted an interest in the campaign. Radio Pembrokeshire interviewed Sharron live in March and UCB UK Radio’s Paul Hammond aired a 12 minute live interview last week.


On the day visitors were impressed to see one of the world’s first Fairtrade Blazers, made by Kool Skools, worn by Sharron, with a Fairtrade polo shirt bearing the campaign logo. These were donated by Kool Skools, from their Ethical School Clothing & Fairtrade Cotton Uniform range via:


“I thank Ben Gibson, Stoke City and Port Vale for this amazing opportunity to help the campaign’s fight for fairness in football. Many stitchers receive less than a living wage, trapping families in poverty. Fairtrade football stitchers are guaranteed a fair wage, with safe, environmentally friendly, working conditions and extra money for their communities, building Schools, health centres and more via Fairtrade premiums. Together we can make a difference.” Shared Sharron.


The Kicks World Cup takes place in June. The Pembrokeshire/Carmarthenshire Fair Trade World Cup Final, involving 12 schools playing as Fairtrade producer countries takes place on 16th May at Tavernspite CP; organised by Julie Houghton, Richard Henton, with Sharron Hardwick, supported by Fair Trade Wales.


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