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Sport Pembrokeshire Partner With Fair Trade In Football Campaign

In December I met with Russell Jones, Sport Pembrokeshire, and to see how Fairtrade could be incorporated in to their various activities. 


Russell and Wyndham Williams invited me to join them at the Sport Pembrokeshire March 2016 School tournaments, where I agreed to supply the Fairtrade stitched footballs for all of the games. 


This was the first time that our Fair Trade In Football Campaign custom designed Bala Sport Fairtrade stitched footballs were used in a competition! It was great to see them in use; they seemed to play well and looked great on the green astro turf.




Knowing that we have our own Pembrokeshire designed logo featuring on Fairtrade balls, behind sure that they have been made by football stitchers who have receives a fair wage, plus all that Fairtrade guarantees, made me feel so proud of what we have all achieved together.



The winning teams on each tournaments received a Fair Trade In Football Campaign Fairtrade stitched football for their school. Winners and runners up in every tournament were presented with a Fairtrade breakfast bar, making the event part of the Fairtrade Fortnight’s Big Fairtrade Breakfast too. 


The Fairtrade stitched footballs and prizes are funded by Hub Africa Cymru, via the Fair Trade In Football Campaign


Sports Pembrokeshire, with Swansea Community Trust, support local communities and schools by organising a variety of inter school football tournaments, and by providing lots of football themed workshops. Their use of Fairtrade stitched footballs now means they are helping transform Sialkot stitching communities too.


Unfair decisions ruin football matches, but unfair trade ruins lives. 


Fairtrade football workers are guaranteed safe working conditions and a fair deal. The extra 10% Fairtrade Premium, paid directly to the workers,  already funds free eye tests, health and child care, suitable bus transport, school equipment, a fair price shop, and a water purification system for the whole community and more.


Every Fairtrade Stitched football purchased makes a big difference to the football stitchers and their families.


Fairtrade ball by Fairtrade Ball we can kick unfairness out of football and help people achieve their dreams.


I can not thank Sport Pembrokeshire, and all involved, enough for their support.


Sharron Hardwick, Fair Trade In Football Campaign Founder. 


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